We offer 2 types of knobs handle options, and you can find them linked below:

**Please note, as of late 2017 all podpoi come standard with knob handles, instead of floops with swivels.

To install knob handle directly onto flowcord:

1. Loop the string and thread it through the knob. Thread  flowcord through the loop. Use the string to pull the cord through the knob.

2. Thread the end of the flowcord through desired number of large washers.
3. Experiment with different number of washers, get your leash length perfect for you.
4. To finish the end: 

  • Thread the small washer onto the end of the flowcord by heating the end of the cord with a lighter, and using pliers while warm to form the end into a stick shape.
  • Thread the stick through the small washer, then cut off  the end of the flowcord.
  • Melt the end of the flowcord and while the end is still soft/melted, use the edge of the lighter to flatten the end into a substantial disk of melted cord-tip.

Tip: if the melted plastic sticks to the lighter, it’s too hot. Wait a second before shaping it.5. Pull the cord up and it’s playtime!

5. Pull the cord up and it’s playtime!

Installing knob handle onto floop

  1. Thread string through the floop handle, then thread both ends of string through the hole in the knob.
  2. Pull the floop through the knob using the string.
  3. Thread the ends of the string through the washer(s). Pull the loop through the washer(s) leaving a small loop at the end of the floop.
  4. Fold back the loop at the end of the floop until it sits snugly over all the washers.
  5. Pull the floop up until the washers all nest snugly in the knob. You are ready to flow!

Download full knob handle kit instructions here.

Feel free to contact us with questions!