Podpoi are the most durable poi option, though all flowtoys poi are made to be durable and are covered by a lifetime warranty. 

We currently have 2 light units: capsule lights and flowlight FS. If you are interested in:

- capsule lights: Your options are podpoiflowmoja contact poicapsule poi and capsule poi duo. Podpoi are the most durable because of the pod shells.They are made of soft and squishy silicone, and this helps them absorb most impacts without damaging the capsule lights. 

- flowlight FS: Your options are crystal poi FSflowlight FS poiflowlight FS poi duo and clubpoi FS. Crystal cases are quite resilient and provide a good amount of protection from impacts. Flowtoys tubes are made of polycarbonate - same material used for bulletproof glass, hence the tube-based options are also very durable.

We design props to be as durable as possible, but nothing is indestructible. The impact during a fast butterfly collision can easily be over 100mph, which equivalent to a 5 ton elephant standing on an iphone. We do not know of any electronic instruments that can withstand that level of impact, and we are constantly making improvements to increase their durability. Plus we offer a lifetime warranty so people who actively use their flowtoys will never be left in the dark.

If you ever have any issues, please feel free to contact us, so we can take care of you.