The main difference is thickness. 

Phatty cord:

- is thicker and a bit stretchier than flowcord. 

- phatty cord needs the larger o-rings for attachment - it will not fit through small welded o-rings.

- it is possible to use phatty cord and large welded o-rings to make the 'low profile' connection that can be made with flowcord and small o-rings. Please notebecause phatty cord is much thicker it takes a patient hand to make the melt secure. We recommend doing some practice melting before trying it on your actual leash when you're setting up.


- you can use either size welded rings for flowcord.

- it is also stretchy, but not as stretchy as phatty cord. 

- comes standard with all flowtoys poi rigs except flowmoja contact poi, which comes standard with phatty cord. 

Here's a handy link to the flowcord and phatty cord page:

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