Flower kits come in 2 sizes: small (4” tall) and large (5”). The silicone flowers slow your prop’s rotation and add weight, changing the handling dramatically. 

Installing your flowers - 

Flowers are designed to be installed on 1” tube. Tips of the flowers should point towards the end/cap of your prop.

  • If installing on a composite prop, keep the straight edge of the flower flush with the edge of the compression connector.
  • If installing on a 1” tube-based prop, position the flower just below the flowcap for maximum functional effect.
  • Start at the end with no button; text facing up.
  • Roll flower around the tube, using one hand to twirl your prop, while holding the flower and wrapping with the other hand.

Tip: Keep some tension, but do not stretch flowers while installing.

  • At the end, tighten the tension enough that the flowtoys logo looks like a circle.

Tip: Do NOT pull flower at the button hole! This might tear the hole.

  • Fold the flap to align the button holes, and fasten the button through both holes.
  • Repeat at the other end of your prop, and you’re ready to flow!

Here is a quick video that should help with flow flower installation:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us