We’ve organized the modes in flowlight FS into 4 pages, and a few types of button presses to keep it easy to navigate.


  • Click: 0.3 seconds or less. A quick click, like a computer-mouse click. 

Multiple clicks, like a "double-click" on a computer mouse, will access different pages. You may discover this by accident, and trying to cycle through the modes too quickly can lead you to a new page or mode you’ve never seen!

  • Press: 0.3-0.75 seconds. The classic button-press, this is what feels “normal” to most people. 

A press will take you to the next mode in the same page. 


  • 1 click or press of the button from “off” brings you to page 1 mode 1 (p1m1). 
  • 2 clicks gets you to page 2. You’ll see the indicator flash 2x to let you know you’re now on page 2. Subsequent presses take you through the 10 modes in that page.
  • 3 clicks for page 3 - the indicator flashes 3 times and you’re now ready to perform. These modes are superbright, and battery life is the last thing on your mind. This page contains all the modes, with their full power unleashed. Just press the button to cycle through them, but be warned: the brightest ones may drain your battery in under an hour!
  • 4 clicks for page 4 - The indicator will flash 4 times, and here you’ll see your 10 most recently saved patterns (we call this page favorites). You can select from your last 10 saved patterns by pressing the button to cycle through them. 

Take me home! To get back to page 1 from any other page, press the button to cycle through the modes until the light turns off. A single click or press will bring you back to the beginning: page 1 mode 1.

Note: If you press too quickly (less than 0.3 sec. each) it might register as a “click” and change what page you are in. If this is happening, go slightly slower :)

Tip: 5 quick clicks or more will take you to page 1 mode 1 instantly. 

Feel free to contact us if you have questions ;)