Capsule 2.0 will be the first flowtoys creation featuring the new “connect” wireless syncing technology. When you connect your capsules to each other, or other compatible flowtoys into a “group”, the button on any one prop will control all the others in the “group”.

This means you’ll be able to:

  • Use any spare capsule lights or other connect-enabled flowtoys as a remote control.

  • Turn on or off all your lights/props with one button.

  • Hand a light to a friend and give them the opportunity to participate in your flow by controlling your light patterns while they watch!

  • Set different mode combos within a group, or group different sets of lights for different functions, eg. poi handles & heads do different things.

  • Use your flowtoys for home/ambient/party decor lighting, and control them wirelessly.

  • Temporarily connect to your friends’ group and allow each other to take over light modes, but NOT mess up your personal group settings.

  • Or you could commit to your partner’s groupings to stay in sync.

  • Connect with all your friends at a festival and be able to find each other in a crowd.

  • Have your performances sync up. 

  • Enable more awesome flow flash mobs.

  • Check which flowtoys at a jam are yours!

There’s probably a ton more possibilities for connections and interactions that we haven’t imagined. We can’t wait to see how YOU use them!