First released in flowlight-FS, the flowtoys Pages interface provides a framework that enables you to easily navigate through 30-60 modes, many features, and settings with just 1 button and a few types of button presses. This interface will be consistent through all new Flowtoys props in the foreseeable future - learn one, learn them all :)

  • Capsule 2.0 has 5 pages. 

  • Pages 1-3: Each page has 11 modes, all adjustable. 

  • Page 4 is “Favorites”: Save your favorite patterns here. The default modes in Page 4 are bold red & autoplay. You can save up to 60 favorites.

  • Page 5 is “Settings”: This is where you can group your capsules, adjust global brightness, global white balance, reset to factory default, and there’s a bonus easter egg mode in there ;)