Understand how your capsule button likes to be pressed. There are a few types of press - learn and get it to do the things you want :)

Button Press Type



Navigate pages

0.3 seconds or less. 

A quick click, like a computer-mouse click. Multiple clicks, like a double-click on a mouse, will access different pages. 

→ 2 clicks for page 2, 3 clicks for page 3, and so on. 

→ Pro-tips: 

  • Click 6 or more times to go past page 5 back to page 1.

  • You can navigate to a page with clicks from off or in any mode or adjust!


Turn on, change mode, or select adjustment

0.3-0.75 seconds.

The classic button-press - this is what feels “normal” to most people. 

→If you are adjusting a setting in page5, a “press” will temporarily select the adjusted setting, but the light will revert to previous setting the next time the light turns off (unless you hold to save it).



0.75-1.5 seconds. 

An indicator flash lets you know you can let go. 

→This puts you in the “adjust” state and you can adjust the mode or setting you are in.


Turn off and battery level indicator

1.5-4 seconds. 

→ If the light is on, it will turn off, and it will also remember your mode and adjustment. 

→ When you press the button again, the light returns to where you were. 

→ If the light is off, “hold” will display the battery charge level estimate.

Pro tip:

  • You can let go as soon as the fade-off/on indicator begins.


group on/off 

4 seconds. 

An indicator flash lets you know you can let go.

→ If the light is on and grouped, it will turn off the group.

→ If the light is off and grouped, “hold” will display the battery charge level estimate, and turn on the group.

Keep holding until all members turn on or blink, they will then turn on/sync together when you let go.

Hold to save

Save mode or setting

6 seconds. 

→ If the light is in one of the modes pages (p1-p4), and you continue holding past “off” until the light turns back on again, you will save your pattern to the first slot in “Favorites” (p4m1). 

→ If the light is in page 5/settings, you’ll save the setting you adjusted.