Understand how your capsule button likes to be pressed!

There are a few types of press - learn and get it to do the things you want :)

Note: the ~ timings are approximate. Best to look for indicator flashes.

Button Press Type



Navigate pages

~0.3 seconds or less. 

A quick click, like a computer-mouse click. Multiple clicks, like a double-click on a mouse, will access different pages → 2 clicks for page 2, 3 clicks for page 3, and so on. 


  • Click 6 or more times to go past page 5 back to page 1.

  • You can navigate to a page with clicks from off or in any mode or adjust!


Turn on, change mode, or select adjustment

~0.3-0.75 seconds.

The classic button-press - this is what feels “normal” to most people. 

→If you are adjusting a setting in page5, a “press” will temporarily select the adjusted setting, but the light will revert to previous setting the next time the light turns off (unless you hold to save it).


Battery level indicator & enter "adjust"

~0.75-1.5 seconds. 

From OFF → See battery charge level

From ON → An indicator flash lets you know you can let go. This puts you in the “adjust” state and you can adjust the mode or setting you are in.


Turn off

~1.5-4 seconds. 

From ON → light turns off, and remembers your mode & adjustment. 

→ When you press the button again, the light returns to where you were. 

Pro tip:

  • You can let go as soon as the fade-off/on indicator begins.


solo on/off 

~4 seconds. 

An indicator flash lets you know you can let go.

→ If the light is on and grouped, it will turn off the solo capsule.

→ If the light is off and grouped, “hold” will display the battery charge level estimate, and turn on the solo capsule.

Hold to save

Save mode or setting

~6 seconds. 

→ If the light is in one of the modes pages (p1-p4), and you continue holding past “off” until the light turns back on again, you will save your pattern to the first slot in “Favorites” (p4m1). 

→ If the light is in page 5/settings, you’ll save the setting you adjusted.