You can adjust the brightness of all modes and indicators in Page 5 mode 2. Shine when you need to, chill out when it's appropriate or to save battery life.

Quickstart guide:

  • Click 5x to Page 5 (settings page)
  • Press the button 1x to get to mode 2 (global brightness adjust)
  • Your capsule 2.0 will blink 3x indicating the default brightness level 3
  • To adjust brightness, hold until it blinks, let go ...
  • Capsule 2.0 will progress through different brightness levels 1 -5, each level indicated by brightness and number of blinks
  • Level 1 is dimmest, Level 5 is brightest
  • Press to select
  • To save brightness level, hold for awhile - light should turn off, turn back on, turn back off and then on again ... this is so you don't save accidentally :)

P5 Mode 2 :: Global Brightness


Make all modes and indicators brighter or dimmer. 

Extend your battery life significantly.

Enjoy subtle beauty and improved night vision with dimmer settings. 

Stand out in a bright environment with brighter settings.


Brightness Levels: 1-5


Level 3


Level 5 is brightest. Level 1 is dimmest. Page 3 and some other modes are already as bright as they can get and will not change at level 4 or 5.