Most people will not notice or care about this feature. If you do, here it is in Page 5 mode 3 :)

P5 Mode 3 :: Global White Balance


Adjust the general hue of your flowtoys to suit your preference, or match your other flowtoys, because each batch can have slight variance in red/green/blue levels. This is most visible in bold-white, and lantern. 

Most people will not notice or care about this features. If you do, here it is!


Hue/color of all modes and indicators.

Full color wheel at offset/saturation levels 1-5.


Level 1, neutral/no change


  • Level 2 is very subtle, it can be hard to see the color difference.

  • Lantern, and some other colored modes, can have a more dramatic difference in some adjustments. If you care to match a specific mode, you might need to try a few times. 

  • To match to another prop/capsule light, set it to white and adjust to match as closely as you care to. 

  • It helps if both lights are the same brightness.