You may already know but we have a capsule 2.0 video playlist of useful tips to help you get the most out of your lights. If you haven’t already, feel free to check out the playlist below. 

We hope this helps, and if you are still having trouble with your lights (or anything else), please contact us. We can create more support videos, or sort you out with a warranty replacement. 

Rest assured, we want you to have an awesome time with your flowtoys!

Presenting the capsule 2.0

Capusle 2.0 :: navigating pages

Capsule 2.0 :: 2 ways to turn off

Capsule 2.0 :: how to adjust modes and settings

Capsule 2.0 :: autoplay mode

Capsule 2.0 :: saving to favorites 

Capsule 2.0 :: organizing your favorites


Capsule 2.0 :: connecting 2 or more capsule lights

Capsule 2.0 :: temporary grouping

Capsule 2.0 :: adjust global brightness

Capsule 2.0 :: adjust global white balance

Capsule 2.0 :: creating looks within a prop or scenes within multiple props

Capsule 2.0 :: reset to default

Capsule 2.0 :: bonus mode

Capsule 2.0 :: group on / group off

Capsule 2.0 :: soft and hard reset