If your capsule lights are not working properly, we can definitely help out! All parts and products manufactured by flowtoys are covered by our lifetime warranty, and we'll get you back into your flow again.

Before sending anything back, please try the troubleshooting tips here: capsule light troubleshooting - general. If the tips don't help, please send in your lights, and we will repair/replace under warranty. 


  • If the capsule is faulty and not physically damaged, we will replace it for free.
  • If the capsule is physically damaged in any way, we will replace it for half price ($17.50/capsule 1.0 OR $22.50/capsule 2.0) + shipping.


Capsules are warrantied against defects, though all batteries are expendable and have a lifespan. Capsule batteries should provide a good charge for 2+ years, or 500 charge cycles before significant capacity loss, but many factors can affect their lifespan, including heat, cold, charge frequency, and depth of discharge.

Starting in 2015, date of manufacture can be found on the bottom of the battery. If a capsule battery fails/loses significant capacity (less than 2 hours in "bold"):

  • within 2-years of manufacturing, we will replace it for free as long as the light unit is undamaged
  • after 2-years old, we offer upgrades for $17.50/capsule 1.0 OR $22.50/capsule 2.0

If you have an issue not related to the battery, and your capsule is >2yrs old, the lifetime warranty applies.