If your flowlights are not working properly, we can definitely help out! All parts and products manufactured by flowtoys are covered by our lifetime warranty, and we'll get you back into your flow again.

Before sending anything back, please try the troubleshooting tips here: flowlight troubleshooting - general. If the tips don't help, please send in your lights, and we will repair/replace under warranty. 

  • If the light is not physically damaged and defective, it will be a free replacement. 
  • If the light is physically damaged, it will be a half price replacement. When we check out your lights, we will email you an invoice with a payment link if necessary. 

Note: If the electronics are still working and the light is a little cracked, you might want to tape your shell and keep using it until the light goes out. The way our warranty works, it doesn’t matter if there is a small crack and the electronics work, or if you send back your flowlight in pieces and nothing works, the replacement is still 50% cost per flowlight ($7.50/flowlight, OR $12.50/flowlight-FS)

Specific G1/G2 flowlight colors: We have a limited amount of G1/G2 flowlights left, and may not be able to replace your malfunctioning light with one of the same type. If we do not have a matching replacement, we will check in with you to determine your next favorite color.