Our Forever Flow lifetime warranty ensures you can keep using your flowtoys for a lifetime! We like to think that we've made planned obsolescence obsolete. Even as technology evolves, and we make advancements to our electronics and products, the flowtoys you get today are an investment and will always have lasting value.

Here is a breakdown of how it works:

  • Any flowtoys in any condition may be returned for 50% of the current price in credit towards new flowtoys for up to 50% of the value of the new purchase. 
  • If a part/product has been discontinued, it will receive 50% of the original price in credit towards new flowtoys for up to 50% of the value of the new purchase.
  • The amount credited may not exceed 50% of the new purchase. All returned item credit must be used in a single purchase. You get the best deal when your purchase amount is equal or greater than the value of your returned goods. If you do not have your receipt, we will assume the lowest purchase value for returned flowtoys (eg. sale/discount value).
  • If you would like brand-new spiffy looking parts to replace your worn-out crystal cases, tubes and caps, you can send your old rigs in and get credit towards a replacement/upgrade.
  • Upgrade/replacement credit cannot be combined with other discounts, coupon codes, combination offers or pricebreaks from ordering accessories with rigs.
  • Upgrade credit cannot be applied to shipping.
  • Upgrade credit must be used in a single purchase - we do not hold credit on file for future purchases.

The upgrade policy applies only to parts and products made by flowtoys.

The upgrade policy does NOT apply to items made by other companies, e.g Pixelwhips, PomGrips, umoja spheres, utilikeys, power accessories. It also does not apply to hipsacks or fabric flowgear. 

Oggpoi: We offer credit only when returned as part of a full set (pair of oggpoi with charging base and wall adaptors). Stand-alone oggz chargers, ogg units or leashes alone cannot be sent back for credit. Please do NOT send back oggpoi made by other companies - we can tell and will not be able to offer credit.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!