• Last "mode" is autoplay, which displays all modes every 5 seconds (by default). 
  • You can adjust the timing interval with a long press. You'll see 3 blinks (default).
  • 4 blinks = 15 second interval, 5 blinks = 30 seconds interval, 1 blink = 0.25 sec, 2 blinks = 1 sec


  1. Can you save a Favorites autoplay setting to Favorites? e.g. can you save the 15 seconds timing, so Favorites autoplay has a 15 second interval, instead of 5 seconds after you turn your lights off?

    Unfortunately we can't save Favorites autoplay yet - we're working out how to do this. One way to get around this is to work with the default 5 second increment - if you want a mode to change after 15 seconds, you can save it 3 times. It's not ideal, but it works and you can duplicate a mode pretty easily by saving it multiple times in a row without navigating away from it.