Short version:

  • On page 5 “mode” 1, adjust and save the same group color.

  • Group to be joined must be displaying its group color (P5M1).

  • Scroll down for more details :)

Group colors: Red (no group), Orange, Green, Aqua, Blue, Pink, White (universal)

More detailed instructions:

  • Put 2 or more flowtoys into P5M1.

  • If one light/prop already has a grouping you wish to join, do NOT adjust it.

  • On the one new group member, or both if forming a new group: long press to enter adjust.

  • Short press to select the group color of your choice and connect them. This connection will be lost when you turn off unless you save it.

  • To save the connection, hold both flowtoys (or single new group member) past off until they turn back on.

  • You must enter adjust before joining a new group, even if your group color is already the same. 

  • Grouping ONLY happens when you actively connect 2 or more capsule lights. The color alone does not determine the group.

An example: connecting 4 capsules - let’s call them A, B, C and D:

  • Put A and B into P5M1 (click 5 times, the light should blink 5 times). P5m1 is “grouping” and it will show a color (doesn’t matter what it is at this point).
  • Do a long press on both A and B to enter “adjust” - the lights should blink and change colors every few seconds.
  • Do a short press to select the group color of your choice. e.g. press when they both turn green. 
  • To *save* the connection, hold both A and B past off until they turn back on.
  • A and B are now grouped. You’ll have to go out of Page 5 to see if they are connected. Easiest way to do this is double click on both - this takes them to Page2 mode1. If you press any 1 button, the other light should change with it.
  • Now you’ll have to connect C to B or A, and then D to C (or B or A) in a similar way, except ONLY put the new capsule in adjust. If joining C to B, do NOT put B in adjust, just have it display and broadcast its group color! If you put B in adjust, you will be creating a new group. This is super important. 

Cool tips & features:

  • Hold to save directly from adjust, no need to select first.

  • You do not need to actively connect with every capsule in an existing group, even if only one of the group members is present, they can initiate a new member.

  • You can temporarily join a friend’s group by connecting, but not saving.

  • If your friend has the same color group as you, you will not be connected unless you actively did so.

  • Any capsule in a group will control all the others.

  • There is technically no limit to the number of capsules that can join a group!

  • No master/All group members are equal: any capsule in a group will control all the others.

  • To maximize range, while using a capsule as a remote control, do not cover it up too much with your hand. They do not require line of sight, but it helps. Because they are constantly transmitting, spinning them around also helps them to hit optimal reception points :)

  • Connected flowtoys continually relay the state of the group to each other, and can act as repeaters to extend the range of the group.

End of page behavior in a group

  • When 1 light gets to the end of a page and turns off, the other lights remain on - they do not turn off. This prevents a novice user (eg. your friend who is pushing buttons to control your flowtoys while they watch you play) from accidentally turning off all the lights, which you can still do intentionally by holding to off.

  • When you turn the light back on, it will go to p1m1, and the others in the group will join it.

  • To make all lights turn off at the same time, hold to off.