If you're experiencing radio issues:

First confirm that your lights are grouped correctly: 

  • Both units should display the same color in grouping mode (P5m1) - but even if they show the same color, they may not be in the same group.
  • To group, you must enter adjust and select the color while both units are in P5m1 even if they are already the same color. It helps to enter adjust and select the group color one at a time.
  • Did you save the grouping? 
  • Did a light connect to another group somewhere in your building?

  1. Try saving “no group” (blinking red group) and leaving your prop off for more than 1 minute. And then regrouping.
  2. Try grouping a few times - it doesn’t always work the first time.
  3. Try a soft reset - this often fixes it. Not typical but you may need to reset it a few times, then group again.
  4. Try a power-cycle (see video below) 


  • Open up your capsule 2.0 and perform a soft reset (this is different from capsule 1.0!)
  • Use a key or pliers to quickly bridge the reset pads show in the picture.  

Here's a video showing how to perform a soft reset and it that doesn't work, try a power cycle: