We released a significant firmware update AND a new firmware updater late Nov 2018!

Click to find out: 

To update your firmware:

  1. Download and install the relevant updater - there is one for MacOS, one for Windows and one fo Linux in the attachments section on this page (scroll all the way down).
    --> For MacOS, download the WHOLE folder! Don't open the folder/the contents piecemeal, or it won't work.

  2. Open the updater on your computer and click on the vision club image:

  3. You'll get to this window:
    • leave firmware version as "auto update" to load the latest version
    • click "Next step"

  4. You'll get to this window:

  5. Plug in your vision club via usb to your computer.

  6. You'll see a connection confirmation in the window:

  7. Click "Upload" - new firmware should start updating ... do NOT disconnect while this is happening

  8. When firmware has been updated (should be a few seconds), you'll get a confirmation screen:

  9. You can now update more connect props, or go explore all the new awesome :)